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Submission And Retraction Of The Manuscripts

Submission of a manuscript: The Journal of Education and Research in Nursing accepts only the articles submitted through journal management system  Articles sent via e-mail or post won’t be considered. In the process of evaluating and accepting manuscripts, all kinds of communication with the authors are made through HEAD online article tracking system. Before submitting an article, it is absolutely necessary to register to the system. After the registration, authors can log in to the system by clicking on the link sent to their email address. In order to send an article to the journal, all steps determined by the system must be performed in order. While the article is being uploaded to the system, each of the following sections should be uploaded as separate files.
Paying attention to the items in the checklist for authors prior to uploading will speed up the publication process of your work.

  • Title and author information page
  • Manuscript (Turkish and English title of the article, abstract in Turkish and English, main text, references, tables and figures / graphics)
  • Ethics Committee approval (if research article)
  • Copyright Transfer Form

Article Withdrawal: As per our publication policies, the author of the article has to cooperate with editor of the journal in withdrawal procedures.
The author, who wants to withdraw his / her work during the evaluation process, should submit the petition containing his / her rationale to the editorial board electronically or in a printed wet signed form indicating that all authors have approved the withdrawal .
The Editorial Board scrutinizes the incoming request and returns to the author within ten days. If the copyright of the article was transferred to the Journal of Education and Research  in Nursing during submissİon process, the author can not send the work to another journal for evaluation unless the request for withdrawal of this work is approved. 

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